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Spa Buddy® Sleds

Move your spa the easy way

Spa Buddy® Sleds are the most effective way to move your Spa or Hot Tub (or any large heavy item) from A to B.

Spa Buddy Ltd is a UK-based company working in the spa industry for many years. and have seen many ways of people moving spas.


The Spa Buddy® Sleds will pull up to 750kg across grass, gravel, concrete pretty much any surface you can think of to get your spa into place.


Our quality Spa Sleds are engineered from the highest quality materials making them extremely strong and very versatile, great for all your spa moving needs. We are so confident our straps will outlast your sled, we now offer a lifetime guarantee on straps (see our Terms & Conditions).

We have a wide range of Sleds available to suit all customers needs and offer free postage and packaging to mainland UK.

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